How to Keep Your Life in Balance- The Challenge of Over-Committing

InsightsandpeaceMy guest bloggers this month have submitted stories about overcoming challenges. It is inspiring to see so much strength and courage.

I have known Amethyst Wyldfyre for a few years now and I love her energy. I have interviewed her for some of my telesummit events and she brings a soothing and inspiring vibe to everything she does. She is the first one to admit though, that at times her energy goes out of balance with her business and shares a familiar story that resonates with givers. When you are generous spirit, always giving, and always doing- there is a cost. It is so important to invest in self-care time and time to recharge.

Here is Amethyst’s story:

The Balancing Act 

AmethystWBlogPostI have a perennial challenge with over-committing – and then ending up taking it out on ME when it’s time to fulfill on the promises I’ve made.  This challenge has led me more than once to spiral down into burn-out and resentment.  When I don’t honor my own needs for free time to create, spend time with friends, be out in nature or enjoy my home and family I have come to understand that I’m actually being self-abusive.   Saying “yes” to every invitation that seems fun and interesting is like getting a “quick fix” in the moment of excitement that comes at the thought of writing something or speaking at an event or attending someone’s party.  Then when the time comes to actually deliver if I spread myself too thin – I often will exhaust myself in the process of honoring my word.

When I start to feel the ‘slow burn’ of resentment building I know it’s time – REGARDLESS of what I’ve said I would do – to stop my world and ask myself the big question:

“When was the last time you took some time just for you?  Not just a day off from work but some serious time out – 3 – 4 days, maybe even a week or two that is totally and completely unscheduled – time to reflect, to journal, to meditate, to rest, to review your life, to see where you are and where you’ve come from, to decide, really consciously decide who you are and who you want to be, to see where you are and where you really want to be going.”

Then I honor myself by circling back around to those people that I said yes to – and I willingly ADMIT that I have not honored them, the project or myself by saying that yes.  I ask for forgiveness.  I tell them what I CAN do and then let them decide if they still want me to participate.  If they do I will fulfill the promise, however more often than not they don’t want that “heavy” energy to be in their space either!

Finding balance in a world where we are either pushed or pushing to be performing at our peak 24/7 365 can be a major challenge for many of us. It’s even worse when YOU are the one pushing yourself!  Remember that you and you alone are responsible for creating your own reality and that you have the power to change what isn’t working can be the greatest gift you will ever give to yourself.


Amethyst Wyldfyre, the Empress of Empowerment is an internationally recognized spiritual leader and transformation artist helping visionary entrepreneurs with a big message to be heard by millions of people around the world.

Amethyst is a:

  • Multiple Award winning life-long serial entrepreneur
  • Author of 5 books and contributing author in 6 compilations including 2 international best sellers
  • Speaker on hundreds of virtual stages around the globe
  • Owner of a multi six figure business built in under three years mostly in her pajamas!
  • Blogger for the Huffington Post and Inspire Me Today
  • Media personality with appearances on TV, Radio & in print including CNBC Bay Area and the Boston Globe.

Amethyst’s client list includes NY Times Best Selling Authors, Hay House Radio Show hosts, and an array of international thought leaders in a variety of fields including personal growth, executive recruiting, sales and marketing, health and wellness, finance, government and adult education. Get a free gift from Amethyst Click Here

I so appreciate Amethyst’s willingness to share with us today. 

Question: How do you keep yourself in balance?



Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD.

The Inspired Action Success Coach





7 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Life in Balance- The Challenge of Over-Committing

  1. Thank you So much for the opportunity to be of service @Sheri – I appreciate you and your ability to maintain balance in your busy life!! I look forward to connecting with you again exactly on time! 😉 Today I’m going to the BEACH!

    1. Amethyst- Thank you for your insightful guest blog. Enjoy the beach- I miss the beach since I am living in the Rocky Mountains- but the beach is usually a travel destination- love the ocean:)

  2. What a great story from Amethyst! I so agree with her and resonate with both the over-committing and pushing myself too hard. To restore balance in my life, I walk on the beach and make art. Have been enjoying the Rocky Mountains for the past two weeks, headed back to California and the beach tomorrow. Love being able to play in so many different environments. That also keeps me balanced.

  3. I think as women (in particular), we tend to feel guilty when we are not able to be everything to everyone. It is so easy to face burnout this way. Thanks for reminding us the importance of attending to ourselves so that we have some of ourselves to share with the people we love.

  4. In my earlier years, I said ‘yes’ too often. But I have learned to take a few minutes to ponder my answers before I commit to things now. Because my word is my bond, it I do say yes, I will make myself follow thru no matter what suffers because of my hasty answer. So, for me, I have learned that it is much better to think first before I agree to anything. When I know I really do want to do a particular thing, I then give the gift of my time and attention without regret.

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