How to Magnetize Money in Your Biz and Life


The Art of Magnetizing Money.

Have you ever known someone who just seems to have a golden touch? Everything they touch turns to gold. Did you know you can create this golden touch for yourself? Through changing your thoughts and actions you can practice what I like to call- The Art of Magnetizing Money. If you feel like the cause you serve is above needing to make money, consider how the additional cash flowing in could help you make a bigger difference and help more people.


Here are some steps to get you started.

First, determine the amount of money that would make a significant difference to you. Maybe this would be an extra 5k a month or more. Don’t be shy. Pick the amount that gives you more than enough. Pick an amount that feels delicious and right for you.

Once you have that amount in mind, I want you to try on a concept that may seem completely foreign. This concept is that it is easy to make money.  Say it out loud. “It is easy to make money”. What if you really believed that? What if you didn’t believe that it was hard to make money. What if making money was as natural as breathing for you?  Consider how your life would be different.

Do you think beliefs can change? Reflect to a time in your life when your belief system changed. Maybe you thought you couldn’t run a mile and you did it. Or when you thought you could never learn how to ride a bike and you did it. Or how about finishing an important project like a report, a book, a degree, etc.  Chances are that you have experienced a changed belief.TakeYourBizImage4

As you think about the possibility of making money easily, allow that you can adopt this belief as your own. We know that belief drives results. Truly believing that making money is easy, makes it so.  The work is in creating and assimilating the belief.

You can use an affirmative approach by writing and saying several times per day, “I decided that it is easy to make money.”

You can also add more power to this affirmation by using visualization. Create a picture in your mind of you easily making money. It might help to write out this visualization in paragraph form and then see the picture in your mind. I have included a visualization right here that you are welcome to use (feel free to tweak).

“I open my eyes and stretch. I greet the morning as I wake up in my beautiful bed surrounded by gorgeous hand-made furniture and original artwork on the walls.  I slip my feet into my comfy slippers and walk to my kitchen and pour myself a cup of coffee. As I take a sip, I look around, I admire the kitchen, I admire the granite, the marble, and the solid cherry wood cabinets. My kitchen looks exactly the way I want it to look. Feeling the coffee kick in a bit, I walk to my office and sit down at my desk. I look lovingly at the things I treasure gathered on my desk: photos, souvenirs, a statue, a lamp, and a candle. I turn on my computer and check on the status of my business and finances. My email is full of product and service orders, some invitations to speak, and requests for consultations. I happily forward a few key emails to my assistant to follow up. As I open my bank statement, I appreciate the comfortable cushion of ____(fill in the blank)  in my checking and savings accounts. I check my retirement and investment accounts and they are growing. It all feels, easy, exciting, flowing and natural. I have fun picking the day’s charity. Every day I pick a wonderful cause and send money. I reflect on this thought,” It is easy to make and grow my money”. I have some appointments scheduled during the day, but my work day ends at three pm and I have plenty of time to ___________________. Later I have dinner plans with_____________________.  I am so thankful for my amazing life and the people in it. I am so thankful for my business (or job) where I make a difference every day. All is well.”

Appreciate all money coming in, even if it is money on the floor that you find.

Say, yes, when people offer you help or offer a gift. On a cruise ship, a priest offered to buy me a cup of coffee. Instinctively, I wanted to say no because I would normally feel like I give to the church not receive something financial from the church. But, I said, “Yes”, graciously and received that wonderful cup of coffee. Also, on the same ship, a woman sitting next to me offered to give me the art that she won at the art auction, immediately I wanted to say, “No” because it seemed strange that someone I barely knew would give me a work of art. Instead, I said, “Yes”, and graciously received this gift of art.”  This was part of practicing being a good receiver and keeping my receiving channels open.

Notice how you can increase your awareness of your own receiving patterns.  Say the affirmation, “I decided I am a great receiver and lovingly receive all of my good coming to me.”

To learn more money magnetizing techniques for your life or business, schedule a free consultation with me.

In Happiness,




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