How to Create a Biz Growth Mindset

Takeyourbizimage3If you are a business owner, you are an entrepreneur because you are constantly in the position to do new things and try new ideas in order to grow your business. Do you think that you have to be a born entrepreneur to think like an entrepreneur? Thinking like an entrepreneur is as simple as thinking and doing something you have never done before. We all have entrepreneurial skills and to truly take your biz to the next level, I suggest you embrace your inner entrepreneur.  Move away from thinking of yourself as self-employed or a free-lancer. Even if you are a solo-preneur, think like an entrepreneur.

What does an entrepreneur do? First they take responsibility for being the best salesperson in the business even if they have a sales team. As the business owner, know your products and services inside and out. Be the most excited about your service or product. You know in your heart, more than anyone else, what your product and service does to make a difference.

Next, an entrepreneur gets comfortable with the unknown and understands there is some unpredictability in business. There will be some ebb and flow.

Create a big vision for your company. What will you be doing in one to five years and beyond. How do you see the business expanding? In your dream world, what would the business become?

Delegate tasks and projects. You cannot do everything yourself. Find all the help and support that you need. Surround yourself with experts. Hire strategically.

Think investment, not spending. Investing is money that goes towards the growth of the company. This could money devoted to training, consulting, staff, product creation, marketing, advertising, etc. Spending is money spent on office supplies, etc. Make sure you are investing in growing the business and not just spending.

Mind the cash flow. When cash is low, your task is to bring in more cash. Get creative. Think about every possible way money could come into the company and be open to all channels of receiving.

Ask for what you want. Ask, Ask, Ask. Few people truly ask for what they want. Practice this every day. Always ask. TakeYourBizImage1

Watch for opportunity. You may hear about a new idea in a casual conversation. You could be doing something unrelated to your business and get inspired. You may meet someone who wants to partner with you or help. You could see something on the news or in an article that sparks a new opportunity for you.

Think possibility. Instead of arguing for limitations, ask, “What is possible? So much can happen when you start thinking like this.

Give generously and make the community better. As an entrepreneur, you are a change maker and thought leader in your business, but you also are part of your community and can make things better. Be generous with all areas of giving. As you give, you also receive. If you feel like your cash flow is low, ask how you can give. Could you give your time or resources to a worthy cause. As you give, notice how things change. Consider the legacy that you are creating? What impact will your company have on future generations?

Practice these ways of thinking and acting and watch your business grow.

Check out these free resources for growing your business and growing your life.

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