How to Heal Anything in Your Life


When something drastic happens in your life, for example an ICU stay, an unexpected diagnosis or a major financial disaster or a relationship crisis, you are reeling and shaken to your core. I know I felt this way last summer when I woke up in ICU and was breathing on a ventilator last summer.  I went through stages of emotions. At first I was euphoric that I was alive. Then I was in disbelief when I was told I may need a heart transplant. Then I felt depressed. Then I felt terrified that I was going to die in my sleep and my children would be motherless.

I processed these emotions over about three days before I decided to take charge of my health and every aspect of my life.  What happened next is a recipe for anyone who finds themselves in a seemingly impossible situation.

First, engage in your spiritual practices. This is the time to pray and/or meditate. Reach out to people and ask for prayer. Connect with other spiritual minded individuals. Thousands of people prayed for me and I prayed on the phone every day with my parents. I also practiced meditation. The group energy of prayer unleashes massive power. Pray for peace of mind, for comfort, for healing, for guidance, for clarity, and for wisdom. One of the biggest benefits of prayer is the realization that you are not alone. You don’t have to shoulder everything. TakeYourBizImage4

Then, decide that you are willing to do and be anything that it will take to not only survive, but thrive. You will research, you will talk to people, you will try things, and you will trust your intuition. Be sure that your research includes searching for cases where people have spontaneously healed from your situation. Otherwise, only researching your illness or situation will likely end up making you sad and depressed even though you will be informed. Find people who have healed and talk with them. Consider options like alternative medicine along with your doctor’s suggestions. Ask questions about everything.

Next, accept what is in the moment. Accept your situation. This was difficult for me because I had never been on medications or been seriously ill in my life. My arteries were in perfect condition. I felt, “Why me? I am too young and health for this.”  When I stopped asking, “why me?” I began to open the path to acceptance. There is peace in acceptance. When you accept, then you can make plans. I told my family that I was doing everything on my bucket list in a year because we weren’t sure that I would have more than that amount of time.

Then, cherish each moment. Spend your time with people you love. Spend it doing what you love. Spend it truly living. Stay away from people who are negative and create more stress.

Ultimately I recommend for you to follow positive mindset principles. My near death experience  was a chance to practice everything I had been talking about for over twenty years and everything I had been teaching in my company for almost nine years. This time I needed  to save my own life. These are the techniques I used.

  • Write powerfully in a journal every day using my happiness technique. I wrote “Thank you for my healing” over and over. I also wrote: “I am healed and my heart is perfect. My lungs are perfect.”
  • Allow and accept all difficult emotions, but let them pass through, don’t give them a home in your body.
  • Rest and eat well.
  • Keep your pets close. My cat slept on my chest over my heart for hours at a time like she knew it was her duty to help heal me.
  • Speak positive words about your life and your biz. I still operated my company just days after I left the hospital. I said things like, “I get to still be here on Earth”.
  • Let go of any conflict and stay away from negative distractions. Step away from the drama.
  • Visualize your body and all aspects of your life working perfectly. I created elaborate visualizations where I saw my heart as healthy and my lungs working perfectly.
  • Consider working with alternative medicine like energy healing, EFT, guided visualization, guided meditation, mindfulness meditation, massage, Hypno-therapy, acupuncture, and/or chiropractic care along with your traditional medical care. (This is not meant to replace any medical advice, but to merely show there are alternate modalities to consider). My dear friend, Crystal Lynn, is an energy healer and she worked with me while I was in the hospital. She told me I was surrounded by angels and that my heart would be find which is the opposite of all medical advice I had received at that point.
  • Avoid upsetting media like the news. I even stayed away from watching any medical shows or crime shows. I chose comedies and beautiful music.
  • Do normal things. 10 Days after I got out of the hospital, I went to a rock concert (I even was wearing a life vest that would shock me if my heart stopped)
  • Move your body when you can. When I was cleared for exercise, I started at 5 to 10 minutes on my treadmill and soon was up to four miles.
  • Expect positive results.
  • Take relaxed inspired action that will help you achieve your results.

Of course, I can’t promise that you will be spontaneously healed, but I know I was healed within three weeks. My echo showed a normal heart. I know of many other people who have been healed not just from illness but from any burden.  Healing is always possible.

The intriguing news  is that all of the principles above, are principles that I have taught over the years to increase success and happiness for my clients. As I developed and used different modalities, little did I know that I would lean on all of these experiences to be a co-creator of my own miraculous healing.  I believe that if I could have such a dramatic experience with healing, that anything is truly possible for anyone. We can all have our miracles, but sometimes a person can get so consumed with fear, worry, stress and tension that it is difficult to break the cycle and concentrate on anything. So, I am willing to work closely with you on creating this focus so you can give yourself the best possibility at healing yourself, your life, and/or your biz.

If you would like to learn more about working with me, Click here to schedule a complimentary  grow your life or grow your biz strategy session.  If you need me and want my help breaking a cycle and creating a turn-around for you. I am here for you.

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In Happiness,


Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD.


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