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People resonate with your business when you are being the authentic you. Clients want to connect with the real you…  which includes your strengths/weaknesses/mistakes/victories. Furthermore, people know authentic when they see it. It is tempting and comfortable to try to minimize the challenges or pain because we somehow want to show only the strong part of ourselves. And there is a place for this (if I am going into battle- I want a strong, fearless leader… even if there is some fear inside… in that moment… I don’t want to see the fear). But most of the time, when we are willing to be vulnerable and share our true selves… connections happen, opportunities increase, in fact… everything increases. 

For many years I resisted telling my authentic story because it was very painful- I lost my younger brother when he was 15 and he took his own life. I found when I began to share the pain of this experience and the victory of overcoming terrible grief and moving forward into happiness and success… my life and my business seemed to click into place. I embraced all parts of me and people could feel it.

Are you sharing your story with your potential clients? I encourage you to write out your story – just let it flow. When reading it over… ask yourself… where is the lesson that I can share? How can my story help people? You may end up tweaking your story several times. Find “safe” people with whom to share your first versions. Notice what resonates with your listeners. Notice how you feel. It is okay to feel vulnerable, but you don’t want that “overshare” feeling. Share what feels right at the time. As you become more comfortable, you will share more.

Places where you might use your authentic “I” story to deepen connections, understanding, and relationships;  are webinars, keynote speeches, your blog, your website, an article, a book, a networking event- etc… Sharing their authentic “I” stories has been a very powerful experience for many of my clients. I write about it in my book Be the Inspiration: 7 Ways to Inspire Your World

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To your Success, Freedom & Happiness,

Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD
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Are your systems set up for growth?

If you have been working on an area in your biz and don’t see the growth you want, ask this question- “Are my systems set up for growth?” The Universe responds to space and to readiness. If you are looking for new clients- Have you made room in your calendar for those new clients? Are your agreements/contracts ready? I am asking these questions because I have worked with people who want more clients, but their calendars are packed- there is no room for free strategy sessions to enroll new clients. Or there is already a sense of overwhelm at just managing day to day business- so where is the space and room for growth?
I had a client who realized that she could make a few tweaks in her follow up system in order to experience more biz growth. I worked with another client recently who shifted her marketing language to align more with her niche. And another client who made a few changes in the packages in how people could work with her … and the list goes on. Let’s get those systems working for you.
Look at the growth you are trying to make happen, then look at the systems you have in place to support that growth. What needs tweaking? Hone your systems and you unleash magnetic attraction. When your systems have holes, you leak energy and your overall energetic charge of your biz is not at your highest level.
In my mastermind, we will be working on your systems to get them fully supporting your growth.
I am sharing everything with you in my mastermind- all of the ways that I have grown my biz and all of my resource library is fully in your hands… (Plus, I have a $400 surprise).
That’s what we are doing in my mastermind that starts tomorrow (yes you can still get in to this small group experience with me)- concentrating on creating explosive growth for everyone. I just had a mastermind group finish last week, and the energy at our closing call was phenomenal. As I heard reports about outcomes, shifts, and growth- it felt like walls were crashing down as members fully stepped into their breakthroughs and celebrated their achievements.
The Be the Inspiration mastermind is for people (small biz owners, coaches, consultants) who are in all phases of business development (new, some experience, or years in biz) but the key is a desire for explosive biz growth. it is for you if you want to be a difference maker and catalyst for change. It is for you if you want breakthroughs in areas that have been holding you back in your personal or professional life. My mastermind people are people who are serious about growing their businesses and taking it to the next level.Plus there are 5 extra high value bonuses and an extra limited time discount where you can save on your initial payment. And- Reminder: My masterminders also receive access to my full library of resources.
I am here to support your breakthroughs and success.
To your Success, Freedom & Happiness,Sheri

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Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD.

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How she overcame a fear of public speaking


We have been discussing overcoming challenges in my guest blogger features this month. Today, I am sharing Monica Bourgeau’s story with you. She is a brilliant woman with a very accomplished career, yet a fear of public speaking could have cut short her success. Find out how she overcame here fear of giving presentations and speaking in public.

Monica- Tell us your story about overcoming your fear of public speaking?

“When I was 29, I just started a new job at an insurance company. It was my first executive-level position and I was working many long hours on complex but exciting projects. I had just finished leading a series of small group employee meetings in preparation for writing the corporate strategic plan for the next year. My boss had been on vacation for the past week and just returned in time for the annual company-wide meeting.

As we were in the car on the way to the meeting, my boss turned to me and said, “Oh Monica, I was planning on having you talk briefly about the strategic planning process if you don’t mind.”

It was my worst nightmare. I was expected to present on stage in front of more than 200 people with no time to prepare. Even though I had taken a college speech class and was in debate in high school, I had never presented in front of a large audience.

A giant lump swelled up in my throat and I thought I was going to be physically sick. My palms were sweaty and I just couldn’t think straight. What was I going to talk about? I had just 20 minutes before my section was up. I was doing everything I could to remain calm and professional but inside, I was a complete wreck.

Somehow I made through the presentation. I’m honestly not sure what I said but I could feel every eye in the conference hall on me. It was the single most stressful event of my career and one that made me realize I had to conquer my fear of public speaking.


Today, almost ten years later, I often present to executive teams, have given several workshops and seminars, and was a keynote speaker at a women’s symposium and a CEO forum.  Presenting in front of large groups still causes some butterflies in my stomach but I am confident enough now in my ability that I can work through those. It took some work and some practice, but here are the steps I took that can help you too

Be Prepared:  Whenever possible, prepare your presentation early there is time to practice, practice, practice.  The more prepared you feel, the more confidence you will have.

Know Your Material: When you speak about a topic you know well, it is easier to feel confident and answer unexpected questions. It also helps to choose topics that excite you and that enthusiasm comes through to your audience.

Have a solid opening and know it inside and out: If you have a strong opening to your presentation, it helps your confidence and sets the tone for the rest of the presentation.

Get yourself in the right mindset: Listen to music, meditate, or practice visualization before the presentation.

Visualize Success: When you think about the event, instead of allowing yourself to feel worry or stress, try to visualize yourself speaking with confidence and having applause and happy faces in the audience when you finish.

Be Authentic and Connect with the Audience:  My good friend Michelle gave me an excellent piece of advice when I was preparing for the symposium. She said you need to be authentic with the audience and share who you really are with the audience.

Find Friendly Faces in the Crowd: No matter how serious the group, you will find that there are always some friendly faces in the crowd.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously: Once the presentation begins, relax and go with the flow. Don’t stress too much or apologize if something goes wrong, just pick up where you left off and continue. When I was presenting at the women’s symposium, the battery on the laptop died for the last couple of slides so there was a black screen. I didn’t let it ruin the presentation though and the audience chuckled with me.  I carried on from memory for the conclusion and the audience appreciated that.

Monica HeadshotsPublic speaking has gone from something I feared to something that I seek out and enjoy and you can too. ”

Monica Bourgeau is a Life and Executive Coach at Life Ohm LLC

I deeply appreciate Monica’s story about conquering her fear. What fears are holding you back from your highest good and sacred success? Have you addressed and conquered a fear lately?





The Inspired Action Success Coach

Dr, Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD. 

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Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD.

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